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When it comes to your curly hair, it may feel as though your unruly mane is beyond salvation.

With hair stylists left and right butchering your luscious locks, to heavy products that weigh your hair down, you may be wondering if there’s a better, healthier solution.

Many curly hair pros have come up with techniques tailored to curly hair. One such technique is the Rezo Cut. But is this truly the best option for curly hair?

Learn all about the Rezo Cut (and a surprisingly better alternative) below.

What is the “Rezo Cut” technique?

The Rezo Cut (officially known as the “RëZOcut”), is a curly hair cutting technique intended to optimize the volume, texture, and shine of curly hair. Created by curly hair stylist Nubia Suarez, the goal of the Rezo Cut is to maintain both length and volume.

Inspiration for the Rezo Cut

Nubia was inspired by the diversity in hair types and textures. She felt that many cuts did not do curly hair justice – weighing it down, limiting the length, and breaking up the curls.

She decided to come up with a method – influenced by African culture – that breathed life back into curls.

How it Works

The Rezo Cut takes place while the hair is dry and works to create an even length of curls around your head.

It’s great for people that love length in their hair and want their roots to breathe freely.

However, there are other curly hair cutting techniques that exist (for example, the DevaCut), and another technique that is actually better than the famous Deva Cut.

Is the Rezo Cut different from the DevaCut?

Another common curly hair cutting technique is the DevaCut.

Created by Devachan Salon, the DevaCut focuses on framing the face (vs maintaining even length around the head). While this may look great when the hair is curly, the DevaCut can result in uneven hair when the hair is straightened or styled differently.

Issues with the Rezo Cut and DevaCut Techniques

Many curly-haired people complain that both the DevaCut and the Rezo Cut attempt to “tame the mane” rather than truly harnessing the brilliance and bounce of curly hair.

Clients also mention problems with breakage, a “pyramid shape” style, and other issues.

Curly heads everywhere want to know… Is there a better solution?

The Diametrix Cut: A Healthier Alternative to the Rezo Cut

Fortunately, there is a better curly hair cutting technique that will leave your hair looking and feeling vibrant and healthy.

Enter… The Diametrix Cut.

The Diametrix Cut is a revolutionary technique that harnesses the natural volume, curl, and shine of curly hair.

Dubbed “The King of Curls” by The Wall Street Journal, expert stylist Christo Curlisto created the Diametrix Cut to suit curly heads everywhere. His patented technique is used by salons across the globe.

How it Works

The Diametrix Cutting Technique is a trademarked cutting technique with three phases:

  • Phase I: Texturizing – Stylist divides hair into 12 equal sections. This helps curls interlock and avoids the pyramid-like shape.
  • Phase II: Diagonal angle cut – Helps reduce bulkiness and promotes volume & body on the root and crown area.
  • Phase III: “Versus” face-framing cut – Helps to frame the face naturally and gives you the option to wear the curls anyway you want vs the DevaCut method.

What makes the Curlisto Diametrix Cutting Technique better than the DevaCut and Rezo Cut?

Read on.

How is the Diametrix Cut better than the Rezo Cut hair technique?

The Diametrix Cut features an inner layer sliding texturizing technique that’s included in neither the Rezo Cut nor the DevaCut. It’s specially designed to reduce “bulkiness” and prevent that nightmarish pyramid shape.

Even better, the cut is followed up by an ongoing hair care routine that maintains health, bounce, and shine.

One client of the Diametrix Cut technique was quoted as saying:

“I now realize how Diametrix cuts keep my curls defined, well shaped, and healthy…Not only does it result in a perfect styling of naturally curly hair – but my hair looks runway ready when I blow it out too!”

Rezo Cut vs Diametrix Cut Examples

When comparing the best curly hair cutting techniques, the proof is in the results.

Compare the Rezo Cut vs the Diametrix Cut below by seeing real photos of curly-haired clients:


Diametrix Cut

Rezo Cut

You deserve a cut that leaves your curly hair looking and feeling great. Not only that, but you need a style that will maintain its shape and volume for weeks to come.

Is the Diametrix Cut the best option for you?

Experience the Magic of Christo’s Curlisto Diametrix Cut for Curly Hair

With so many curly hair cutting techniques available, it may seem hard to choose the best solution. Hands down, the Diametrix Cut is the technique that’s best suited for naturally curly hair.

Avoid the breakage, bulk, and oddly-shaped hair brought on by the Rezo Cut and DevaCut. With Christo’s Diametrix Cut, you’ll maintain moisture in your locks, prevent split ends and frizz, and have a cut that lasts for weeks.

Schedule your appointment with Christo to experience the Diametrix Cut today.

Are you a stylist? Learn all about the Diametrix technique and how to introduce it to your clients through our Curlisto Diametrix Cutting Technique certification program.