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To have healthy and beautiful hair involves a certain amount of time spent in the salon. I know a lot of us seem to hold off on our hair cuts for the simple fact that we think our hair can handle some time away from the salon. But truth be told, what you do to your hair on on a weekly basis dictates how often you should be getting your haircuts.

Ever since my first cut at Christo Fifth Avenue, I’ve been keeping up with Diametrix cuts every 8 weeks, as recommended by my stylist. My 8 week regimen has been going really well and I see a huge difference compared to when I was only going two times a year wondering why I had a head filled with split ends and build up. I now realize how Diametrix cuts keep my curls defined, well shaped, and healthy and how important it is to maintain your haircuts.

Firstly, if you don’t know what a Diametrix hair cut is… I’m here to break it down for you.

A Diametrix hair cut is an evolutionary technique of cutting curly hair because it features an inner layer sliding texturizing cut, which is proven to work on every hair texture. This cut is specifically designed to reduce bulkiness and avoid the pyramid shape that us curly girls have nightmares about. Not only does it result in a perfect styling of naturally curly hair – but my hair looks runway ready when I blow it out too! 😀


& Here is why it is crucial to keep up with Diametrix hair cuts:

Once you begin treating your hair with any type of color service, you will need to up your frequency of Diametrix cuts, which will enhance your new color/hight-light hues. This means that a Diametrix hair cut is required every 8-10 weeks. As much as I love my bayalage, if I don’t keep up with a timely haircut maintenance, it will eventually end up looking dull and dry, with visible split ends. 8-10 weeks is the perfect time table to help prevent over-drying and any type of breakage.

And if you’re anything like me, who likes to blow out my hair at least once a week, then the 8-10 week rule of Diametrix cuts applies to you as well. As much as we love our heat styling tools because they deliver amazing styles, we must face the fact that they are frying and frizzing our hair while making our hair more prone to split ends. So, getting pampered with a Diametrix cut every 8-10 weeks will help keep your hair healthy by retaining moisture in your locks, keeping your hair frizz free, and overall making the growing out your hair process easier and faster.

No matter what way you look at it, Diametrix cuts are important for overall hair health. Don’t delay in scheduling your next appointment with your stylist and cause your hair to suffer for it!