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If you have curls ranging anywhere from wavy to tight, then you probably have had your fair share of experiencing shrinkage. Shrinkage is the difference between what your curls look like when they’re wet and gently stretched to its maximum length and what it looks like when it’s dry and tightened. If you’re like me and worked hard to grow length, you know the struggle of wanting to flaunt your long locks but your curls beg to differ!

 I’ve tried a bunch of hair hacks to get my curls to stretch out with nothing lasting more than a day. Nothing seemed to be working and it wasn’t until I saw my curl specialist at Christo Fifth Avenue who recommended I try out Curlisto’s Bio Softening treatment. She guaranteed me my curls will loosen up while remaining soft and healthy for up to 16 weeks!


Before receiving Bio Softening… yikes!

Curlisto’s Bio Softening treatment is a unique blend of botanical extracts, amino acids, proteins, and softeners. Combined all together, this exclusive in-salon treatment is designed to release unwanted thickness and friziness, while nourishing the hair shaft and leaving the curls soft shiny and bouncy.

Benefits of Curlisto’s Bio Softening Treatment

  • It is individually customized to treat your curls need
  • It loosens the curl by 2-3 diameters, leaving the curls smoother, shinier, healthier
  • Applying styling products become easier and styling your hair becomes way more manageable
  • Faster and more efficient to blow out your hair straight
  • Curls becomes more durable in humid weather
  • Fights the frizz in your curls for up to 16 weeks


 My final outcome was exactly what I’ve been looking for! My style resulted in flaunting my real hair length while my curls instantly became frizz free, lustrous, and super healthy, right in time for summer vacation! 🙂

 Consult with your curl specialist at Christo Fifth Avenue now to see how Curlisto’s Bio Softening will cure your curls! 


Outcome of Bio Softening… healthy, beautiful curls!