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There’s always challenges when it comes to curls; frizziness, dryness, breakage etc. What’s the solution? 

1. Condition, condition, and repeat with deep therapy masque. This is the only way to keep the curls healthy. No short cuts!


2. Stay away from oils. Oils dehydrate the hair and create build-up, and inevitably in the long term damages curls. 

3. Get frequent cleanup haircuts. Hair cutting curly textures does not necessarily mean taking away from the length, but it’s maintaining, keeping your hair healthy, and sans (without) breakage.  


4. Try to get intensive professional treatments at least once every three months. Curlisto professionals design treatments that feed the cuticle or inner layer of hair strands, which you cannot get at home. The intensive treatments we have are customized blends that we develop from the consultation & analysis in order to target the concerns of each individual client. 


5. Invest time in your styling, you will not regret it! A great style means no frizz and moisturized healthy looking curls. 


6. Find the right styling products for your curls. If your hair is not looking good it’s because you are using the wrong ingredients. The right ingredients for your curls will give you the perfect style.