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We all have our fair share of dry skin issues once the weather starts changing up. I personally feel like as soon as my body gets used to the ridiculous humidity and NYC heat, it suddenly vanishes and just like that the colder seasons quickly creep up on us! That being said, seasonal changes are bound to cause pesky issues like a dry, itchy, moisture-zapped scalp!

I assume I’m not the only one to struggle with this kind of issue so here are some healthy tips to help make that seasonal transition a tad bit easier:

1.  Cleanse your hair in cool water with a nourishing conditioner such as Curlisto’s Bio Curl Conditioner, which works as a fantastic “Co-Wash”. Bio Curl Conditioner is a deep moisturizing conditioner that is specifically designed to hydrate dry hair  and scalp while leaving the hair impeccably soft. *Rinsing your conditioner with cooler water is beneficial in the drier season because it seals the cuticle and locks in more moisture, keeping your hair smoother and silkier.


2.     A scalp treatment is a must do regimen when temperatures begin to drop. The drier the air becomes, the more moisture it will pull from your scalp. Curlisto’s Scalp Stimulant is perfect for rejuvenating the scalp because it allows essential nutrients to be drawn to the hair’s root, while helping the flow of blood circulation around the hair follicles and promoting healthier new growth. Use 5-6 drops directly onto the scalp every time you wet your hair. Consistent use of scalp stimulant will result in a super moisturized and healthy scalp which your hair will thank you for later!

Scalp Stimulant smaller

3.     Although it probably doesn’t cross our minds, drinking plenty of H20 is a complete skin savior especially when it comes to your scalp.When you don’t get enough water, your skin cells begin to dry up and can flake. So, adding some serious hydration to your diet will replenish any lost moisture to your scalp and skin. Try getting at least eight 8 oz. glass of water every day and stay away from beverages that can dehydrate you, like sodas and alcohol. Not to mention, water is the most inexpensive and effective thing you can do! 😉