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Curlisto Natural Masque


100% Vegan!

Natural Masque delivers the strand guard complex deep into your hair shaft to help maintain and protect your curls.

Anti-aging ingredients restore strength and reduce breakage while other high quality ingredients work to restructure the inner layer of your hair. The results are beautiful curls that have a youthful appearance and are full of shine.
Strand Guard Complex- Protects hair from environmental factors that can cause damage to the hair structure.
Nutritive Cascade Technology- Delivers a flow of peptides and natural plant proteins throughout the hair shaft to reinforce structure and improve strength
Certified Organic Extracts: Deep conditioning properties that increase shine
UV Organic White Tea Extract- UV protectants and natural antioxidants that enhance cuticle protection




After washing your hair with Natural Cleanser and Conditioner, apply a generous amount of the masque to wet hair. Comb through with a finger comb from the root to the ends. Allow the ingredients to saturate the hair shaft for 5-10 minutes. No heat necessary. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with Curlisto Repair Cream or Curlisto Protein Boost before styling. For best results, use this once or twice a week. To watch a video, log onto www.christonyc.com

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Weight 0.25 lbs

Healthy hair always delivers beautiful styles. You can never over-condition and should always use a deep treatment at least once a week. If you have damaged and/or over-processed hair, you should use this intensive masque 2x a week.


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