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Christo NYC Men Hydrating Paste


This hydrating paste contains powerful anti-oxidant combinations that will condition and protect the hair shaft.
Offers hydration and elimintes frizz. Provides pliable all-day hold with a matte finish. Good for all hair types.
Aspalathus Linearis (Red Tea) Extract- Promotes healthy new growth by increasing circulation to the hair follicles and scalp
Vitamins A, C and E- Prevent premature graying while promoting growth of new blood vessels to stimulate circulation and hydrate the scalp
Peppermint, Spearmint, Clove and Sage Extracts- Soothe and hydrate hair and scalp

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Take a small amount and blend well in your palms.

Work through wet or dry hair and style as you desire.

Excellent for touch-ups on dry hair.

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