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Curlisto Turbo 5555 Hairdryer


It is a blow dryer that makes professional hair stylists’ dream come true. It has super heat, ionized hair flow, light-weight balanced technique. The result of any blowout or defusing with this 5555 hairdryer is fast and perfect styling with shinier hair.

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The hottest hairdryer by CurlistoDouble wave resistance: the temperature remains high across the entire air output areaPerfect for styling even the most stubborn kind of hair

Ergonomic and balanced: high-tech design for less joint stress

Tourmaline coated grill: ionizes the air, revitalizing your hair and making it shinierHeat protection electrical lines and protection rubber caps

Rounded side buttons with “cool air shot”

Ultra-slim dedicated concentrators nozzles2 speed/heat settings

Cold shot button1500-1875W110-125V  50/60 Hz

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Thanks to the special insulation of the cold barrel, you can hold the hair dryer from the barrel for a long period of time without the worry of over heating or burning!


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