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Curlisto Control II Gel


This high-humidity gel provides extreme hold.

It is perfect for managing tight to kinky curls. The alcohol-free formula contains panthenol and soy protein that leaves hair looking refined and frizz free. Works best when combined with Structura Lotion depending on hair texture and weather conditions.
Retinyl Palmitatie- Enriched with antioxidants that protect against dryness and heat
Sage Leaf Extract- A purifier, tonic and anti-dandruff agent
Rosemary Leaf Extract- Stimulates healthy hair growth and scalp circulation



Apply gel through wet hair section by section. Diffuse or air dry.

Additional information


This gel is good for tight to medium to kinky curls. Outstanding control in the most humid weather. Like the control one gel it may also be used for sleek styles. This is another gel that is popular among male clients. No matter how much you use it will not flake.


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