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In 2002, Christo opened his first salon on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan; since then, Christo Fifth Avenue has been featured in fashion magazines around the world as one of the leading curly hair salons. With individualized and specialized services, the international team of platform artists at Christo Fifth Avenue are continuously sharing ideas and inventing new techniques inspired by the different textures of curly hair. They are dedicated to servicing clients, and offering the latest and most advanced methods, Creative cuts, beautiful colors, and necessary treatments that support the texture of each individual’s hair. Working together as a team, they take the time to listen and provide guests with excellent and unique services. All clients receive a complimentary consultation with their visit. Gift certificates are available for all services.

Curlisto® Diametrix™ Cuts

It is a trademarked and innovative cutting technique. The “inner layers sliding texturizing cut” helps to reduce bulkiness and avoid the pyramid-like shape. The result of this technique delivers perfect styling – curly or straight.
* A Diametrix Cut includes shampooing, conditioning, and styling hair naturally curly. Additional charges will apply to blow drying hair straight.



Single-process coloring, includes vegetable colors, color accents, glazes, and toners.For double-process coloring and corrective color, fee is quoted upon consultation with the colorist only.

Special Treatments

At Christo Fifth Avenue we pay a lot of attention to treating hair properly. Therefore, we offer luxurious treatments to our clients that nourish and care for luscious curls.

Exclusive Curlisto Signature Treatments

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