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Food trends come and go but one environmentally conscious health decision that we absolutely adore is the vegan trend. Whether it’s the new Ben & Jerry’s dairy free flavors (which are just as good if not better than the originals) or the Kardashians flaunting their faux fur throws, people are beginning to get woke to the imprint that they make on the ecosystem and that is nothing if not good news for mother Earth and her inhabitants.

That is why we at Curlisto are encouraging our customers to purchase our products for the following reasons:

1. Curlisto Products are not tested on animals: That’s right, our products will never touch an animals’s downy delicate fur. We feel plenty confident without resorting those sorts of methods.

2. Our Ingredients are all natural and organic!: We don’t like weird chemicals that we can’t pronounce and we know that you don’t either. That’s why every ingredient in our Curlisto products can be found in nature as well as on the fun side of the dictionary.

3. No animal products are used in the making of our products: And why would they be? Our products are healthy, high quality and enriched with all the good stuff your hair craves. What more could a vegan girl need?